Natural Mystic

My  day begins at 10am at The Riverside Rooms where there’s an artist in residence get together: artists such as  Oliver Coates,  Gauri Tripathi  David Buckland and David Dunkley . We  get together with Jude Kelly  the artistic director  and discuss art. It’s an open space and a great start to the week.  What did I learn?  Lots but Oliver Coates spoke about how great pieces of art were often beings in themselves and their creation  an act of celebration and rebellion. 

Noon approaches.  What was to be a 2pm visit to Royal Society is now a 3pm visit.  So I’m on my bike skipping across the Thames to Pall Mall to meet Becky Shaw the artist in
resident liason  and David Dunkley at  The Royal Society: an incredible place. It’s a privelige to be given a tour of this place established by King Charles 2nd the Royal Society records the making of history from  Isaac Newton to Damien Hirst and the Beagle.
  But time passes and as we finish it is clear that I won’t get back to the Southbank to see more  history in the making.

A  series of actors and musicians are working through a  script in development  written by the  Kwame Kwei Armah  and directed by Jude Kelly  at The Southbank centre.  It’s all about Bob. Bob Marley.   I’m a  diehard fan of Marley:    His quote graces my book Rebel Without Applause.   I had read two Marley autobiographies by the time I was eighteen.

I was flabbergasted when at twenty nine years of age  I found my late father in Ethiopia whom I had been searching for him  since finding my mother at twenty one  and there in the photograph (dated early seventies/late sixties  upon the finger of his right  hand  the exact same ring  Bob Marley wore upon his:  The Lion of Judah in gold set in black

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