Saturday Live at The Southbank.

At eleven am I pelt to Euston Station from Hackney. Get trainto Birmingham. Arrive at event with five spare minutes. Speak on stage to public sector workers for children in care.  The conference is organised by C4EO. I  give one of the best hour talks of the year.  Tears, Laughter.  I am inspired by them and vice versa.  Have to leave straight away. Train to catch.

Birmingham train station.  Get train back to London for  five pm. London is dark,  wintry and moody. Love it. Alight at Southbank centre  for  quick meeting.  Call in to office. Go to Purcell Rooms  theatre at The Southbank Centre  and wait for poets from BBC radio Four’s Saturday Live. They arrive backstage with Producer Lorna Rose Simpson:    Elvis McGonagall, Luke Wright, Kate Fox, Matt Harvey.  

Seven fifteen pm the audience arrives to the theatre. It’s a good atmosphere. We are all back stage.  The artists are pacing.   The stage curtains open and I walk onto stage. I am  the host for the evening.  Stage lights are up and I’m on   “ladies and gentlemen welcome.”

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