Not One Cigarette.

There's nothing good about smoking. There's no upside. I've smoked since my teens. I am an expert. I was addicted until Le Journaliste and I stepped on the plane at 6am this morning. We stepped off at 10am in stansted. I am excited about tomorrow: about not smoking tomorrow. If you see me trying to snort kerbside ashtrays at Stratford Station then I've lapsed just ignore me and walk on.

2 thoughts on “Not One Cigarette.

  1. Lemn,
    Why ignore you if you lapse? Would it not be nice to be given support? (Either for quitting again, or with the ashtrays, as you wish…)
    I wish you all the best in this endeavour!

  2. Hi Lemn,
    I too smoked from when I was teenager, up until my mid thirties, I'd quit a couple of times but began again during a very stressful time, but the comfort it brought was short lived and it was once gain a habit I wanted to lose!
    Well it lost me, when one winter's evening I went on a bit of a bender, caught cold queing outside a club, drank too much, smoked too much and spent the next ten days subject to bouts of uncontrollable coughing, needless to say smoking was out! When the cough was gone and I could breate normally again I realized I had the opportunity I needed to be free of tobacco, and for the next three months I kept on resisitng the urge to smoke… feeling bereft until the longing subsided physically and mentally, leaving me….Like a haunting that was over.
    It ain't easy but that's half the pleasure of winning through, and I find I'm less rattled as a non smoker, and I'm not proud or down on those that do smoke. It's worth remembering though that tobacco is a luxury and was originally consumed as such, especially for ceremonial purposes, everday consumption and ultimately addiciton as with tea and coffee came about as a result of colinisation.

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