Looking up Thesaurus in the Thesaurus.

In early afternoon I meet my projects manager at the architects in SE1. Afterwards I cycle to my office in The Riverside Rooms at The Bank. Everything is at The Bank. I drop into Foyles to pick up Alain De Botton's The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work. There is a section, I am advised, that is useful research. I catch up with a few artists in the office.

And of the cycle home at 5pm – it's a gorgeous ride through London on a gorgeous day. My sense of smell is back from hibernation. Like new guests at the party gusts of perfume swill across me. I cycle the city, through a plethora of pong. I'm laughing to myself or at myself. I just looked up the word thesaurus in the thesaurus and the result's not nearly as interesting as the idea. Note to self: 'When it comes to commissions the result must be more interesting than the idea”

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