Art for Hearts sake. Mark Damazer's Leaving party

Evening. There are two events tonight. Both are important. One is in central London and one is in East London. At 6pm I cycle to the leaving party of Mark Damazer the head of BBC radio 4 whom after 23 years service moves on.

There was only a handful when I arrived at The Council Chamber in Broadcasting House. Sandi Toksvig and wife were the first I greeted. Good people. Within an hour the room was full to bursting with as one of the speakers declared ‘the largest collection of radio four talent in one room, ever’: Melvyn Bragg, Charlie Higson, Mariella Fostrop, Simon Sharma, Jeremy Hardy, Hardeep Sing Kholi, Womens Hour, Andrew Marr, Tom Stoppard, John Humphries… many many more

But I couldn’t stay. I am ashamed to say I had to leave after the controller of BBC1’s hilarious speech but before Mark Damazer’s . I hated leaving and I arrived late in darkness at teh candlit cafe of Artsadmin Offices in Toynbee Studios for the second event of the evening. I arrived just in time for first course . We ate and discussed the future past and present – in that order – with core Artsadmin artists and producers. The art world we live in is changing and even an organisation as dynamic and far reaching as Artsadmin has to evaluate everything it does. .

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