An afternoon in Grimsby and the Arctic Roll.

Grimsby Town train station has all the natural charm of a once bombed now derelict prosthetic limb factory in winter. I am picked up and driven through pouring slanted rain to Cleethorpes FC function rooms for the event.

Today it's the launch of The Pledge a commitment to young people in care by the local authority as corporate parents. This inter-departmental event is headed by The chief executive of the council who was once a social worker and The democratic councillor for NE Lincs. The chief superintendent for NE Lincs is here too, amongst others.

The speeches began. When politicians and administrators go off script something special happens. The chief executive did it and then I did it and then the democratic councillor did it. All talked from the perspective of personal experience. It was totally moving. This is one of the most inspiring events of my year. The train station is no reflection of the people.

For dinner I am swished away to Steels for “the best fish and chips in Cleethorpes” which is followed by a steaming wedge of hot Chocolate Fudge Cake nudged into a dissolving cloud of icecream. Gorgeous. Arctic Roll is on the menu. I have been to the Arctic but I haven't done an Arctic Roll. Harry Potter and even The Weasley’s would have been jealous of this place. There is an evening of work to do now.

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