Quotes from Reviews part 1

Nov 5 2010: Very occasionally a piece of art exists which is so powerful that if allowed to come into your life, it will turn your perspectives inside out. Lemn Sissay’s something Dark with its candid and shattering truths is precisely this.

South African Jewish Report – Robyn Sassen

Nov 5 2010: The fire and ice of this internationally acclaimed poet’s language will bring you to the brink of tears in a place where you fear you can go no further; they will encourage you to take one more step, before allowing you to catch your breath

South African Jewish Report – Robyn Sassen

Oct 29 2010: Something Dark is part of a trilogy encompassing a documentary for television and another for radio aired to critical accalaim on BBC. ….building his vocabulary one step at a time, amassing literary devices and building his confidence, not only as a writer but also as a human being with no parents, would break anyone. Not Sissay, he emerged spiritually strong, intellectually invigorated, literarily skilled and polished and ready to face the world. And face the world he did

The Sowetan – Edward Tsumele

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