Father Christmas has no Visa.

Near where I live the men who are building the Tesco convenience store buy their lunch and cigarettes from Palm 2 the local shop they intend to put out of business. It seems to me the superstore build their convenience stores based on the data from OCADO the delivery company.

The intention of Tesco and town planning to radically change the face of the high streets of England was deliberate. Government prefers one VAT bill to dozens. It makes us all easier to account for. We are being cultivated into a Consumer culture by watching multinationals consume a culture.

14 light towers, 4,000 concrete columns, 10,000 tons of steel and 80,000 seats. The Olympic Stadium had its lights switched on for the first time this week. I was there. It was the stuff of history. There were about five hundred of us in all. David Cameron the prime minister and Boris Johnson the mayor of London were there.

On Friday night I went to Angel Comedy Club to see a friend perform. She was brilliant – the night was brilliant. And I heard the Aristocrats joke for the first time. Jeez Louise! I have been back from South Africa 22 days. From the glorious heat Christmas this year is calm quiet and gentle as snowfall at midnight.

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