I Deceived a Homeless Man.

Though the night was dark it didn’t stop me noticing the purple tinge on the crisp note against the black wet tarmac. After a second thought I circled and looked again. I bent down and picked up the twenty pound note and cycled on.

But what if the rightful owner needed that twenty pounds. I looked to see if someone was retracing their steps in that strange way you do when you’ve lost something and I imagined the person distraught at their loss. Maybe I could ask a passer by. But I couldn’t cause anyone could say they lost it.

As I locked my bike outside the shop I felt the shadow of a beggar with outstretched hand. I gave him two pounds to which his eyes lit up. Thankyou he said. Thankyou. Clearly he was pleased with my generosity. In guilt I said I just found some money on the floor so it is only fair to pay it forward he cocked his head to the side no longer anonymous. How much did you find?. There was a pause, Five pounds I said.

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