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I’ve returned from a weekend break in New York after a week working at Colombia College in Chicago. So far, in a professional capacity, I’ve visited the US four times: Virginia Tech, California State University , Arizona State University and now Colombia College. I was there ‘cause I’ve a piece of work in Unfold, an exhibition at the museum of contemporary photography. After Colombia I flew to New York but I hadn’t booked a hotel room. As it was Easter all hotels were booked but at the last minute I found one, 60 Thompson. It relieved me of two thousand dollars for three nights.

Each time I stepped out of my room I heard the hotel cash machine ring – Kerrrrching. After working hard for a week I resented the peevishness of a hotel that charges $600 dollars a night but doesn’t provide a coffee machine in the room. I saw my mum in NY and my brother, I saw him too. I visited the Gary Younge and then I flew home. I keep a blog in lieu of a functioning family and for my own record, I guess that is why at times it is either boring or badly written. I write my blog so I can look back and see what i have done. I spread myself thinly here and there online so I have a record of what I am. It's not always pretty is it.

My blog's not always a hymn to the inspiring life of the artist. What I did in Colombia certainly inspired people, but I am not in myself in any kind of inspirational mood. I think at times I should give to myself what I profess to give to others. I feel, sometime, hypocritical. One student said to me that my visit had been the highlight of her semester. The lecturers were over the moon and for brief moments I felt some of the elation. But too brief. Too brief. What gives. When I tell the truth my sentences elucidate. I'm home, a one word oxymoron, a semantic trick.

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