The Broad Horizon.

I’m panicking cause there's no audience. I’ve booked nine artists to work this Tuesday afternoon at the launch of my Superheroes Project including the headline poet and broadcaster Michael Rosen. The Superheroes project is a series of workshop based arts activity for young people in care over three months resulting in a beautiful publication, and tonight it’s the launch event at The Horizons Centre in Ealing, and if another person tells me that “young people in care can have many complicated reasons to be absent” I'll explode!

Tonight I want to transform the Horizon Centre into a buzz of activity and at the end, after the performance there's workshops and after workshops they'll come together to read the work created, to broaden horizons on the limitless landscape of unbridled imagination. All in two hours. But it was supposed to begin at four. And it's four. I am pacing outside chewing my knuckles. The artists are all set up in the main room. People I greatly respect, who can give the young people the service they deserve. But they're not here. The chairs are laid out and no-one’s arrived. No-one.

As my brain starts to melt into sludge. A key worker from the centre runs out and tells me they’re here. They’re not I say. They are she says. They are not. I say They are she says. She looks at me. I squint. I look at her. She raises her eyebrows. This is getting weird. I raise mine and then look over her shoulders and I can see the audience walking in through a different entrance. They are I say. They are!

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