Who Are The Criminals? (part 1 of 2)

Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and now England? Birmingham of all places? Aware of international coverage Prime Minister Cameron said he would make safe “Britain's streets” but the disturbances are in England’s streets. To call this an English Spring may seem reckless but that’s how it appears to the world outside.

I am in Adelaide and the images of burning and rioting are the same as the images of The Arab Spring. And the condemnation by politicians are no different to those of the leaders in the middle east. “This is sheer criminality” says Home secretary Theresa May. “This is criminality, pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated.”. says the Prime Minister David Cameron. If it is sheer criminality why didn’t it happen before the young man was shot dead by the police? The question wasn’t asked.

This simplification of events as purely criminal is an attempt to write the narrative as it unfolds. It is an attempt to control the debate unfolding around these events. It is an attempt to close down discourse and to effectively control our minds. Because to the politicians the story of what is happening is more important than the actual events. Put simply they can not afford this to be anything else other than what they say it is. It can then be dealt with purely and simply with an iron fist by the state – no questions asked. This lack of questioning the party line is most evident in Mark Stone of sky news who refused to hear a salient point made in the heat of the moment at the heart of the riots.

(Article continued in next blog. This blog should not be read as a lone piece. It is part one of two.)

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