The Address on the Adept Adaption

Adelaide University.The Library. Australia. “you’re the first reader of your story and that’s part of the joy of writing. It’s making the connections between what you didn’t know” said Peter Goldsworthy tonight at the showing of The Kiss a short film based on his short story.

Returning home through the scrub after a night out two teenage girls seek respite from the stifling heat. Fuelled by cheap alcohol and teenage hormones they make their way to an isolated fire-water tank, lured by the promise of cool water. Once inside the tank the intimate mood takes a dangerous turn when they discover they are trapped with no way out.

Clearly proud of the film adaptation Peter spoke about adaptations and accidently fell upon a rhyming couplet. It sounded better than it reads. His original short story is about two boys but the film directed and produced by women is about two girls. He said. “Adaptations work best /When you disrespect the original text”.

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