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My blog has moved. Fasthosts to WordPress. It’s easier to handle. Easier to use. But hundreds of past posts  look like free verse poems. For some/ reason the transition/ has left all the line/ breaks in the/ wrong place if you see/ what I mean. It’s stuck/ that way unless I go through each blog and take out every  erroneous carriage return.

Anyway. That’s that. Poems as Landmarks is near up and running except for a contact page.   There’s lemnsissay.com which is more of a  quarterly. My facebook page has filled to it’s 5,000 brim and even though the  facebook picture says  SORRY! CAN NOT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS  there’s  about an hundred friend requests and rising. Can’t they read?.  There’s now an alternative facebook page.

Though I have a twitter account I a  haven’t really got my head round twitter. I shall get with twitter sooner or later. So much time’s spent  updating the facebook page that I haven’t the time to tweet cause I am writing the blog which is linked to the tweet and facebook.  I haven’t been out of the house for ten years cause I am too busy updating on  what I was doing back then. One day my updates will catch up with me in real time. Hello.

4 thoughts on “Faceword bookpress Tweet.

  1. hmmm. you say you’re going to get with Twitter sooner or later, but it was your tweet that sent me here! Are Tweets like Neutrinos in CERN? Are they tweets from the future?

    Big love,


    p.s. I can recommend wordpress, I use it myself.

    • Nathan G!! I just updated the blog to say I have a twitter account but all I put through it is the blog cause it automatically uploads. I need to use twitter proper. I have started to use PING but PING is sort of one way. It doesn’t interact with twitter as such. Big Love Lemn. (loving wordpress)

  2. Hi Lemn, I’ve just found you on facebook.. you wont remember me but I went to the same school as you. Am loving your poetry and remember so well your involvement in drama and poetry at school. I was always a bit in awe of you, wish I’d have said hello back then, so to compensate, Hello ! now 🙂 all the very best

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