Should Adoption Be Colour Blind?

Belfast taxi drivers are the adopted sons of the city.  My taxi driver was  actually adopted.  He found his birth mother a year ago. Turns out she lived  next door to his lifelong friend. That was Saturday night. On Sunday Morning I was  on BBC TV’s Sunday Morning Live on the subject “Should adoption be colour blind”..

Besides that colour blindnes is a physical  deficiency  why become metaphorically  colour blind only when  engaging with other races.  If as an adopting parent of a black child you believe yourself to be colour blind then on one level your child has become invisible.  The quesiton was perfectly put. Adoption should never be colour blind but I got involved in the debate and forgot the cleverness of the question. Lesson learned.

On the way back to the airport I was telling the taxi driver about his colleague from the day before.  “I was adopted too”  he said. He spoke of the nuns and the social services and of how what happened then  affects him now.    You can see the TV Show  for the next six days.


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