Love London

East. 1pm. I cycle the canal to Viewtube on The Olympic Site. I’m with sixteen young people from the Superhero Project in Ealing. They are an intelligent charming group of young adolescents who would make any poet proud.

I go home get changed dive into the car. Central. I drive into central London to see my good friend and all round cool beans Caroline Bird for afternoon kickback. The thing about friends is you always feel like you are learning who they are and at the same time you know who they are. It’s great. She’s great. Then I drive West to Notting hill Gate, to Islandlife, see Suzette Newman and the great Baaba Maal.

Tonight it’s announced on BBC website that Baaba Maal will be singing at The Olympics and tonight he asks if I would like to come to Senegal in late November. Hmm let me think about that for a New York second Baaba. The answer, ofcourse, was yes. I will be writing up my time with him in Senegal as the country goes to election. You’ll hear about it here first. And then home.

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