Cape Town Spirits Rise at Slave Church.

I was the first artist in residence on Robben Island amongst a group of South African poets and musicians.  We slept in the homes of vacated prison officers and rehearsed in their community hall then sat late into  the night drinking and talking and laughing. The following  tour of South Africa was doomed.

Tonight, Saturday,  and fifteen years (sic) later I perform at The Slave Church on Long Street in Cape Town where the block slate floor was cut and shaped by the  prisoners of Robben Island. My reading lasts for one hour ten minutes with a fifteen minute break in the middle.  It is crested with a standing ovation.  Sometimes the spirits are called giving true meaning to the word – live reading.

Tomorrow I fly home. I can not sleep.  The event  is put together by badilishapoetry x-change. Click pics to see in full

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