Jamie Byng Brings Me to The Cave by The Mountain of Gil Scott-Heron

From 4pm yesterday ’till  5am today!    With Jamie Byng  his bag of books and a box of records we  drove to brighton and to the the recording studio – The Cave – of Nick Cave.  He’s a friend of Jamie. Then we checked in at the Pavillion Theatre for A Tribute to Gil Scott Heron.  I was the host for the ghost for the evening. Jamie the medium.  The insightful review by  Mike Cobley  is the best you can do to get an upload of the  run down on the downlow of the uplift. Pics: top left The Cave and I at 6pm and the beautful picture below is of Jamie Byng and I at 4am! Note: the guys you see behind Jamie and I  – They’re us. Click here for some more gorgeous pics.  I got home at 5am and woke at 10am today.

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