Baaba Maal and the poets: Word Sound Power.

There have been a lot of highlights this year but last night topped them all.   It was Word Sound Power at Southbank Centre. Poets and novelists  read with Baaba Maal at  the inaugral event for  Africa Utopia.

Poetry Parnassus a festival of the world’s poets at Southbank Centre. I was teaching in Scotland for that  week.  There was nothing I could do about it except commiserate with my co-tutor because we are both dedicated  Parnassusians.   Had it not been for Parnassus  four  brilliant poets would not have been on stage with Baaba Maal tonight.  So thanks to Speaking Volumes who organised those Parnassus poets from Benin, Chile, Ethiopia and Botswana to perform. Thanks to Baaba Maal who has  turned his creative spirit to poets.

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