My Diesel Sunglasses.

Last night I read  at Whitworth Art Gallery for  We Face Forward. The audience was fantastic. It was a great gig.  Afterwards I dropped by  Contact Theatre to catch the last night of Contacting The World. I stayed for an hour in which my Diesel sunglasses disappeared. Sob.  If you see them please let me know cause I love these glasses. I love Contact Theatre and I love Manchester.


2 thoughts on “My Diesel Sunglasses.

  1. Dear Mr Sissay
    What a shame, those shades suited you big time. Remember seeing them after the show.

    The gig was fantastic, certainly in the final part that i caught. You seemed to have had the best crowd Manchester has ever produced. Was that your fans or the organisers managed to reach out so well? Your crowd was completely mesmerised and my attention (as an outsider, who sadly arrived too late) was forever between the stage and the crowd. It was a treat.
    Where is the next show please. Your site says 17. Manchester, but no details.
    Would love to come on time.
    Many thanks,

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