Ethiopia Cancelled

It’s a pain when a promise gets retracted.  I received the  news only days  after Ethiopian Television announced  that my  play, Something Dark,  would be performed in Addis in September that the British Council,  who’ve  been in negotiations with my creative producer, have  cancelled.

But it’s incumbent on me to apologize to all those who were expecting to see my play  in Addis in September.  It may seem that one door opens as another closes but after a momentous visit to Ethiopia in March  organised by  The British Council  I am still reeling at the cancellation. I’ll be performing in Nairobi, Kenya in September. The information will be in the sidebar at  http://www. on September 1st. Nairobi is less than two hours from Addis.

2 thoughts on “Ethiopia Cancelled

  1. Lemn I am really feel so sorry to hear that. Specially these days our government (Ethiopian Gov’t) is banning every thing to the public including websites, radios, TV’s etc. But I dont think things will continue in this manner, every thing will be alright in the near future and at that time you will be one of our hero’s brother. May God bless Ethiopia, Africa and the whole world.

  2. Lemn for years I have watched and at times wondered how you have been
    doing. Now I have discovered your blog and see once again you have been accomplishing great things. I was feeling down one day and while I waited at the bus stop on Wimslow Road; their on a wall was what look like jumbled words. On focassing I read and couldnt stop reading until the end and their was your name(Black writting on a Yellow background; which made me smile althrough the day. You have become an inspiration to many Black poets around the world and to me. It is a crying shame that the Ethiopian Government cancelled your play because the people of Addis would have experienced something unique, that would have opened their minds to a universe of possibilities. I hope they reconsider their decision, as change needs to happen and from all accounts the people are thirsty for difference. The Government needs to stop being afraid and allow the world in, keep up the fight and good luck, while the door stays wide open for Nairobi in September,…Bless

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