So Close So Far Away

I’ve seen TV documentaries about adults searching for their parents and I made one myself but “So Close So Far Away”  is the best of all. It was broadcast recently on Al Jazeera and made by Paul Sapin.  Please let me know your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “So Close So Far Away

  1. Love this story. She has found her home in someplace new – America after piecing together everything from before, and with good relations with her mum and adopted mum and dad, who all support her choices. Everyone’s story is different, and this woman is living my her own choices.

  2. My favorite moment from this documentary was when she talked to the former CIA agent about how operation baby lift was used as a political cover for America’s hidden interests. I saw how shattered she felt by the truth that she didn’t know about all her life. I would feel the same way if i was in her shoes. It was very moving.

  3. What a wonderful story! This crosses racial/ethnic/national boundaries and speaks to the heart of us all – mothers/fathers/families separated from our children. Here in America, there are an estimated 7 million adopted persons, many of whom are kept in the dark ages of secrecy and lies cloaking the adoption industry by archaic, discriminatory sealed records laws. We are struggling to reverse those laws and restore to them the dignity and respect of knowing who they are, their family history, heritage, and the identities of those to whom they are related. I would also recommend which provides networking and support for adoptees and is in the process of gathering a worldwide network of search angels to help all adoptees free of charge to find their roots.
    Priscilla Stone Sharp – Adoption Search Angel
    Mothers of Loss (to Adoption) on Facebook

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