Mix blessings and curses

ILEP Guild Lemn Sissay 02t’s been a year. I was at the Olympics, at every game!  But not in person.  My three poems stood proud throughout. They’ll be at the Queen Elizabeth Park for the next hundred years.  More public art poems were erected.  “Let there be Peace” was unveiled by the vice chancellor at Manchester University and “Shipping Good” at Greenwich train station conceived and designed by Morag Myerscough.  If you want to look at my landmark poems or commission one you can see them here. Photo taken at The Speigeltent

afewerk Tekle and IPerforming in Ethiopia where I had dinner with Ato  Aferwerk Tekle just days before he passed and where the advisor to the Ethiopian prime minister came to my reading was special for me. There was a fair amount of international travel: Bali, Canada, Pakistan, Sweden, America, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka are just some of the countries I visited. Pic Aferwerk Tekle and I.

Below is my Skyfall picture.  I’ve finished the adaptation of Benjamin Zephaniah‘s Refugee Boy  for West Yorkshire Playhouse to be staged in march 2012. And I’ve just finished presenting a pilot show called Richer Than You Think that will be broadcast sometime in 2013.  But what happens beneath this: Not one King of The World.member of family  called me at Christmas or new year and X.  When it comes to family  I’m cursed and on another level I’m blessed.  But I’d like a mix of the two. Blessed and cursed equals burst.     Thank you  Blog reader,  Facebook friend and Twitter follower. Thanks.  I write regularly and openly for personal reasons. I burst.

NB: X = removed after blog post.

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