Cupid The Chubby Drone and a Lesson in Love

A favourite lyric of mine is by octogenarian soul man  BB King in a ditty  called Better Not Look Down.  He describes a beautiful woman walking by  “If the arrows from cupid’s bow, that had  passed through her heart, had been sticking out of her body  she would have looked like a porcupine”. It may not be Gulzar but I love it.

Most straight tcupid dronehinking people wouldn’t trust a low flying chubby child firing random shots down to earth with a bow and arrow but there’s nothing like tradition to fly in the face of logic.  Cupid  (for it is he) is a winged assassin armed with the weapon of love and with a little technical know how the cherub of love could become a fully armed weapon of mass destruction,  the baby child of Rambo,  an angel of death.   All hail The chubby drone.

With this in mind my first lesson of love is to enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy it for what it is now  not for what it could be in future. This is were my teachings end because I am the worst, the worst,  at following my own advice.  When it comes to those four letters. – E.V.L.O.  I am positively dyslexic.   Take the following example.

She was beautiful. She was tall. Her skin was  smooth and the colour and fragrance of  warm caramel.  The woman to whom I was engaged to be married asked “if you could change anything about me what would it be?”.  I forgot the universal reply of   “Darling, I wouldn’t change a thing. You are perfect as you are” and considered the question as if it were a gauntlet thrown across the laboratory of love.   Was it a question or a trap? “Can I have a little time?” I asked….

(This is an excerpt of my article in The Karachi Tribune Express published today.   click here to read it in full)

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