Nothing good should be left in a box

IMG_5157Nothing good should be left in the box. I’ve had my Jerry Lee shoes for nearly a year and tonight I’m going to christen them.  But I’m in town all day so I’ve got to take them on the journey.  Each has a slip of cloth for protection.  It’s 9.15am at Palm 2 (my local Deli). Anwar (left) started at 3am. He’s taking a break so I I’m introducing him to Jerry Lee. I coordinate my cycling shoes with his workman gloves. He so fashion.

IMG_5165I cycle from Clapton down to the  canal at  Broadway Market then onwards up the towpath  to Highbury and Islington where the Jerry Lee needs a break. It’s a nice morning for it. Across this park lived one of my favourite poets, the late great  Fran Landesman. She would have loved the Jerry Lee’s.

Onwards to Golden Square in Soho for  a Trustee meeting at  Forward Arts Foundation. It’s 10.30am. Below is William Sieghart.  The trustee meeting ends and I rideIMG_5173 fromIMG_5176 Golden Square to a cafe on Charing Cross to meet a BBC comedy producer – 2pm. “That’s Cerrie Burnell” he says. She’s a CBeebies presenter.   It’s a coincidence but we have been tweeting each other this past week after Cerrie saw my gig at World Book Night on 23rd. So I say hello and we have a picture.  My Jerry Lee shoes  pout  on the chair out of shot. Easy boys. 

It’s 3pm and I’ve an hour or two to kill.  Kill? There’s no better way to revive a couple of dying hours than open art surgery at Southbank Centre.  I’m off!

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