Open Offer to Mouthy Poets

994787_468244936590553_538991384_nI’m up at 5.30am and  cycle to Kings Cross for the 7.30am train.  East midlands line:  Arrive Nottingham at nine. Berko  Berkovitch  meets me at the station. He’s  a mine of information and a mountainous spirit. There are caves beneath the city that were  used to transport bodies to the graveyard during the plague. The  city was a kind of conveyor belt for the living and the dead.  Today they’re inhabited by  homeless people: I’m tempted to put my ear to the ground on the  high street – There should be a dumb waiter from Nando’s. Stories like this make me love England.

We make it to Nottingham Playhouse where Mouthy Poets are performing tonight due to  an incredible woman called Deborah “Debris” Stevenson. I work with them on style and technique  throughout the day.   Mouthy poets are special.  These photographs say it all. I wish I could do more. Actually I can.  Hey Mouthy Poets. I’ll do a free Masterclass for you. Expenses only.  If you’re interested talk to me via the comments below.    The pictures were taken at 11pm  after the performance. Both are shot by Miselo.


15 thoughts on “Open Offer to Mouthy Poets

  1. Hey Lemn,

    I will definitely pick you up on that Masterclass. Maybe it could replace one of our usual weekly sessions. They are every Friday 5-8pm, so chuck some free fridays at me?!?! Sounds amazing!


  2. Hi Lemn, it was such a pleasure to meet you on Saturday, to hear your invaluable advice on performing, writing and life in general, and to witness such a free and powerful performance, thank you thank you thank you! I am only one Mouthy Poet, but i can guarantee that we would very much love to have you give us a masterclass…WHEN? Best, Ioney

  3. Oooooooooooooo I have just consulted with Mouthy and they are getting really excited! maybe we could make it a special saturday thing… WHATEVER, days are irrelevant, the main thing is yes, yes and yes. Lets talk dates and times!


    • Deborah,

      that is perfect. Okay perfect would you write to and she’ll sort out dates and times. She’s lovely. You’ll like her. You are amazing so let’s get this done.

      Best Wishes


  4. Hey Lemn,

    If this goes ahead, I’d definitely be up for it
    Very much enjoyed your performance on Sat and was sorry not to get a chance to chat in the day

    All the best,

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