Whale Translation reading on Sunday 5.55pm in Greenwich.

This is an excerpt,  the first verse, of  Whale Translation  which I will read today at 5.55pm by The actual Whale on Cutty Sark Gardens outside Royal Naval College.  The Whale  didn’t commit suicide – at least that’s not how he sees it – nor was he washed up. He came to  give us a message. I have been charged with translating and here is the first verse. .

Whale Translation

I speak to you on this memorable day
Through the Translation services of a poet
I must commend Captain Boomer and his dedicated crew
On the good ships Mercedes and The Miss Daisy
Who thrashed through my seas to try and dissuade me
Whose shadows  traced me down the Thames to my end
They are good men, good women
But I did not want to be saved.




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