Eltham Library Flowers

Eltham is where Stephen Lawrence was killed sixteen years ago .  A few days ago I called the other man who was attacked alongside him  that fatal day –  Duwayne Brooks –   and invited him to come  see the whale at The Cutty Sark and he came.   He said  a national story surrounding the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence would break this week.

Here’s a little known  fact:  The Macpherson report was commissioned due to  the mistreatment of Duwayne Brooks in the police investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.  Duwayne and Stephen were both attacked that night. He was the last to see Stephen Lawrence. Duwayne   spent the intervening years, his entire adult life, as a model citizen of the community of London.

Duwayne Brooks deserves respect for retaining dignity and sanity throughout the abuse, and  for the way he has  managed his life thereafter. If you need  a symbol of  why  equality is central to an harmonious society there’s no better than Stephen Lawrence. But if you want a role model it is Duwayne Brooks.  Together in death and life they are formidable. Read  Duwayne’s book Steve and Me which he wrote with  Simon Hattenstone .  And talking of books  click here for  Eltham Library blooms.

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