Film Premier of Mercy Mercy in London in National Adoption Week.

Mercy, Mercy - Adoptionens pris. Gert and MashoIf there is one thing to do in National Adoption Week see this film  on Nov 6th at Ritzy Cinema in Brixton.  Get a group and go. Or go alone. Or with a loved one or friend.

The fate of two families cross paths on the African continent in Ethiopia, at a goat market where child-traders and western adopters gather. A Danish couple are to adopt 4 year-old Masha, and her 2 year-old brother, Roba, from their Ethiopian  parents. Each family has their own motive for choosing adoption. Each family has a different idea of what adoption is. This is the best documentary film on international adoption I’ve ever seen.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 14.51.59In this international feature documentary film, complex human suffering  in  both families is examined where adoption creates an industry focused on supplying the childless West.   As children become a commodity on the market of family dreams this film challenges  a global child and compassion industry operating in the shadow of desperation and  need.The film will be followed by an exclusive Q & A with the director Katrine W. Kjær and  journalist and curator Hannah Pool.

If you’ve never been to a film premier before now is your chance. Book now



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  1. I missed this heartbreaking film at the Ritzy. It is an issue which has concerned me long time. Where can I access a copy (U.K if possible) or see a screening (London)? Any feedback appreciated.

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