IMG_2839I  received the first  feedback on SALANDER my installation  at The Roundhouse which opened to the public yesterday.  I asked if I could share and the author gave permission.   Salander  has sold out until 1st Dec. The picture on the  left is first thing you see in Salander and the picture below is the last.  Here is the comment which was written to a few friends via email by Carol Green.

“This evening I went to see Lemn Sissay’s,  The Simple Things in Life; Salander  at The Roundhouse, in Chalk Farm. This was a very emotional experience, reading the work of young people from the care system. I wanted to weep as I stumbled around the Shed listening to beautiful music reading these poems that were full of pain and strength.  I felt overwhelmed by my feelings and disorientated in the dark which I imagine is how children who are abandoned feel.

When my 10 minutes were up and the theatre women opened the door for me to leave the Shed,I didn’t want to leave.   I felt I needed more time as I hadn’t read all the work, and I wanted to do something, for the kids.   All in all then a very powerful little Shed: in The wonderful shed, the Roundhouse… Which I haven’t  been in since ’83 when I saw Christy Moore perform and the bloke I was with got drunk and was down at the stage talking to Christy: he was carried out by two bouncers,and I was so glad to see him go.   Salander is Brilliant.  all the very  best  Carol Green xxxx”

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