Broken: A video by young people in care

This is a beautiful video of a care system which more often than not seems to be ashamed of itself. And a system ashamed of itself will never produce young people who are not ashamed to be using it.    Please watch the video slowly. They are  young people from care. They are  happy, confident and articulate.  They are studying.

They are what I  expect  of a care system full to bursting with parents –  staff, social workers and politicians – working together to bring up a child who is away from theirs.The care system will be great when people in it are proud to be in it –  like the ones in this video – and people outside of it think it is so good they want to be in it too.  The tide is turning.  What do you think of this video? Honestly.

10 thoughts on “Broken: A video by young people in care

  1. I love this video because this is what I have always believed regardless of all the negatives. However, many children in care do not get the proper support they deserve. What shines through in this video is that these children were supported. I’m campaigning for all children in care to have support until they are (at least) 21. #ResCareTo21

  2. I think there are some very profound ideas operating within this video. Who other than those who lived and breathed the care system themselves as children even pauses for three seconds to consider the complexities and diversities… and my God isn’t it so blindingly obviously overdue for oxygen and light? We don’t know the depths of our own ignorance until we start to transcend it. And by the way, Lemn Sissay, you are an absolute good.

  3. A great little video which says so much more than all the thousands of reports written every week by well intentioned professionals trapped in the management of the ‘as is’ rather than the ‘what could be’. Well done to everyone involved in the making of this video.

  4. This video is a great example of how Care can help young people to maximise their own potential and give oxygen to the flame of their resilience. A lot better than snuffing it out, which is how it used to be for all kids, not just some. Now we can see how ‘Care’ can work, we need to make sure ‘all’ kids benefit from such good practice.

  5. Watching this video I feel a mixture of immense pride and fury. Pride for these young people who can look adversity and inequality and hopelessness in the face. Fury that they face a complex, unjust world that’s an abstract poker game and life has dealt them a losing hand along with a title of ‘care-leaver’. And yet…they shine to challenge the perceptions with the simple fact that they’re here and they’re hopeful. Their courage and life-force astounds me, it’s breath-taking and inspiring. So I’ll grieve for the child-in-care that I was – I’ll embrace the awkward, turned-in, broken young woman (for there are many who do fit the stereotype), and I’ll give her the permission and the support that she never had. I’ll give her the chance to keep striving, succeeding and never, ever give up.

  6. It’s silly that I need a vpn to watch bbc because I pay my license fees. is working ok so far. But it’s so stupid.

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