The Shoreditch Christmas.

I think I’ve been Shoreditched.  Last night I hung out at The House  with Samson Soboye.  I wear his shirts. His store is in Shoreditch. His shirts spearheaded a  campaign that opened Lagos Fashion week. Today they are featured on the the front page of Nigerian Airways In-Flight magazine. Soboye is in the zone.  From designer of clothes to designers of space.  The following morning also in Shoreditch   Christmas came early via Thursday in the  home and studio of Luke Morgan and  Morag Myerscough.


Morag and me chatted away while Luke slung up the  lights. He hammered nails and moved the ladder.  He’d stop then add seasoning to our  conversation then he’d move the ladder across the room and climb the ladder and hammer nails then  hook the lights.  They criss-crossed the room over head weaving the day.  Lemmy the terrier lay on my feet and raised a happy paw.   And then – like a stop motion musical – Luke declared   “TA DAAAAAAA”  and the conclusion of all conversations and all the months and stories came to light.  He  switched  on the lights.   And there it was in a  a  swell of emotion  Christmas. Happy Christmas. Merry Christmas. “Ta daaaaaaaaa”


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