Free residential course for young people in care in April

This residential poetry course  is  for young people in care or young people who have experienced care. It’s for  one week in April  and it’s free. You will be provided with travel assistance too.  The tutors are Caroline Bird and myself with a guest appearance mid week by Louise Wallwein.

It’s in a giant farmhouse which was originally owned by Ted Hughes and situated  by a stunningly picturesque valley  near  Heptonstall in West Yorkshire. Don’t miss this.   This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for anyone.  So follow the details in the poster on the left and apply. Or share this with someone you know.

2 thoughts on “Free residential course for young people in care in April

  1. Hi
    Our (looked after) son, Daniel is attending your course at Lumb Bank April 21st. Dan is very enthusiastic, but is not a great reader. Can you recommend one of your writings he can read or we can read to him prior to attending?

    • Hi David, Thanks for your message. My Ted talk might be useful to Watch. . Superman was a looked after child. You could always find a poem called Invisible Kisses. It’s online. You could choose any of my books of poetry. My last one is called Listener. You won’t find all the poems relating directly to care. Google me too. He might enjoy that. I say “google me” because there is only one person in the world with my name. He could treat it as a research project. It’s going to be a great week.

      many thanks


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