For adoption abduction add option of corruption

imagesAdoption is  one of  the greatest expressions of humanity available to human beings. But  South Carolina Radio Network August 7th 2014 reports this week:  “42-year-old Alisa Bivens of Gastonia, NC, entered the plea in federal court, according to a Department of Justice release on Wednesday. Bivens admitted conspiring to defraud the United States by paying bribes to foreign officials and submitting fraudulent documents for adoptions from Ethiopia.

Bivens worked for International Adoption Guides Inc, a South Carolina-based company that handled adoptions of Ethiopian children. Prosecutors say she and other IAG employees would submit fraudulent documents and false adoption contracts signed by orphanages that could not properly give the children up for adoption because those children had never lived in the orphanages.”

On the website of The International Adoption Guide  UK gets  special mention   “There are hundreds of successful international adoptions into the UK” reads the headline “There are over 3000 children who have found their forever families in the UK.”   If adoption is  the greatest expressions of humanity  then corruption in adoption is the vilest.

photo: Ethiopian Prince Alemayhu  adopted or abducted from Ethiopia?

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