On separation: Packing books isn’t easy. Long live the ipad.

I’m packing to move. I’m playing sad songs on spotify.  Suitable melancholy. Occasional weeping. Books. Books in boxes. Bound for storage. Books. Time machines. Stories. Books.   Bound on shelves.  Each Book is anchored to when it was first received. They sit on the shelves collecting dust.  They should have the ability to fly.  After reading a book it should sprout wings and take to the air and  find someone.

I’ve one book by Paul McCartney worth thousands. I’ll be keeping that. I’m not daft.  Boxes. Nearly everything’s in boxes now. Books love boxes.  Long live the ipad,   the kindle and the tablet. Storage for thousands of books in a space big as your heart. Those electronic devices  surpass this emotionally shattering book packing process.  Should I give them all away?  I think I might. I am convincing myself. There’d  be no spotify induced self pitying when pressing a delete button.


8 thoughts on “On separation: Packing books isn’t easy. Long live the ipad.

  1. Sorry Lemn…happier times for you ahead, I pray…You could have turned into a hater, but you don’t seem to be…your lightheartedness comes through in social media…I respect you for that…not holding onto the anger…you’re inspirational…so, I just wish you peace and Someone big to watch over you and protect you from heartbreak…Joanie, NY

  2. Lemm- you’re a beautiful soul- it may feel like it’s slowly breaking – be strong – search within – and for everything you are about and have achieved in you career do NOT throw the books – they speak volumes- kinke is useful- iPads are useful- when did you ever however wipe the dust off an iPad – fold back a corner on an iPad- smell an iPad- books are wonder out things – they are a past pathway to our developing loves- keep them lemn-
    We had some good short times
    My love
    John x

  3. Packing is a bugger at best of times. BUT
    Don’t get rid of your books what ever you do !!!!!!!!
    Books are part of our life and of us as people
    Probably why packing them hurts, it’s like seeing your life played back being boxed up
    But you will one day open the boxes and be able to welcome the books and memories like old friends , and it will hurt less
    Don’t ditch the books !!!!!

  4. Books hold treasured memories of special times, places and people. I part with them under duress.

    Some are even worth revisiting years down the line. They contain pieces of the old me and I love that.

  5. books in boxes ,boxes of books,pulled from shelves and hidden crooks,battered and torn thay may be but all of them are part of me.,they make me laugh they make me cry, my love for them will never die- A kindle oh what despair cold and hard with nothing to tear,no not for me in a thousand years the mere thought brings torrents of sighs and tears., Dear Lemn what ever you do all the very best ,your words have opened my mind and I am so grateful to you,

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