My Rookie Mistake on Channel Four News

The care system is where young people go for safety and protection yet many of the child victims of abuse cases,  that have dominated the news agenda this year, were already  in the care system.The National Audit Office reported today  “the number of children in care has risen to its highest level for nearly 25 years”  and that  “No progress has been made in the last four years”. Children’s Minister Edward Timpson jumped to the defensive saying  the report was “fundamentally flawed”. Channel Four News is a flagship  program broadcast each night in the UK. They dedicated half of their show to young people in care entitled “Who cares”.

You’ll see from the video above that I’m on the panel. Unfortunately  I made a rookie mistake by interrupting Graeme Stuart MP. It was weak and I didn’t recover from it.  My bad –  It’s important to learn from my mistakes. However the younger adults were eloquent incisive and impassioned. They were  balanced and brilliant.  Channel Four and Jackie Long  did a great thing in this broadcast even if I didn’t. The film below was part of the news programme too.  I know her. The effect on a child  in the care system is not as much in their childhood as their adult life.


1 thought on “My Rookie Mistake on Channel Four News

  1. I thought you were good Lemn, your passion came across, I didn’t see it as an error, more politicians need interrupting, for the most part they are failing those they should represent and are instead doing a great deal of damage to society! There should be far more outrage!
    The young people that spoke are inspirational, as one of them said they have had to work damn hard to achieve some kind of stability (and not become embittered or self destructive) their clarity and sense of perspective is salutory.

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