Did they leave care or did care leave them?

I’m of two minds to show you this email. I asked the person who wrote it if I could publish it here. She gave me permission.  I have changed the names and identifiable geographics. Both of the men were brought up in care.

“Hi Lemn

A couple of times over the past week or so my mind just ran across an old flame of mine. Mathew  was such a nice lad from a troubled upbringing & I wondered whatever happened to him – was he married and settled? Surely he couldn’t be working the Fair’s? So I did a bit of investigating on facebook and came up with nothing. I did a Google search and found articles relating to suicide of 3 people who were close to each other. I then read your blogs and knew that one of them was Mathew. It was him.

I did eventually settle down & married my lovely Steve. He’d spent time in care whilst growing up in London & had a difficult relationship with his parents. Sadly we split in 2010 and at first despite the split we were good then his contact became sporadic. On December19th 2013 my lovely was found bound in chains in a river. He was also 32 – same age as I believe Mathew was.”

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