FA Cup poem kicks off 2015.

New year starts off on the centre spot. Yesterday it was announced  on BBC World TV.  With FA Cup fever gripping the nation ahead of this weekend’s Third Round, The Football Association is releasing a poem, celebrating the unique adventure of the world’s oldest domestic cup competition. It’s written by me and it’s called “Adventure Flight”. It kicks off the new year with a goal.

Adventure Flight will be broadcast verse by verse before each round of The FA Cup right up to the final when the whole poem will be revealed.  The first verse is in the video above.  I wrote it over a few days while homeless in MUSE Cafe in Brighton .  When I needed a break I I took long walks by the sea.

fa-cupThe FA Cup is like no other   competition in Football. Each year, fans experience a unique adventure: From the dreams of the underdogs, the edge-of-seat moments and the heartbreak.  There’s a competition for tickets to the final – for info go to the FA Cup page.  I’m  British man with Ethiopian parents and a  Mancunian who lives in London.  I spent the first 18 years of life in Wigan. I’m proud to be  part of this adventure.

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