I’m Coming to Ethiopia in February 2015

DSC_0034It’s with great joy to announce that I will be performing in Addis Ababa in Late February.  I’ll be  recording  a programme for BBC in front of a live audience.  I’ll also be interviewing people about the nature of home. Photo on left is  Ayelneh Mulatu (centre) &  Aferwerk tekle .The man below was Mayor of Addis and then  below him  is my sister Wuleta Giday.


5 thoughts on “I’m Coming to Ethiopia in February 2015

  1. I’m glad that you’re here. It would be great if you can also tell us how we can get in the audience for your live show? Respect 🙂

  2. My 70th birthday present to myself is one month in Ethiopia, but I leave Addis on Feb 21st. How brilliant a dream it would have been to see my Manchester friend in Addis Ababa – I would never have thought of that in 1988! Have a wonderful time with family and friends.

      • I’m in Danakil then, back in Addis on 21st around noon, in Axum Hotel for the rest of the day. Showering after three weeks desert travel, then flying to Heathrow and need to be at airport at midnight on 21st. You will probably be super occupied and doing huge family things. But that’s where I will be afternoon and evening 21st. It’s a wonderful time for you and knowing you are going there makes me glowing happy.

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