10897076_422903001191263_401264841627694852_nOne story unifies the world. It is the birth story: the practical, spiritual, powerful,timeless, impossible moments that lead to deliverance. Adoptef Surrogate or natural”   These are the words I wrote in 2010 about my idea for a verbatum piece of theatre”.  And then I  took the  idea to Jude Kelly. Jude is the author of my residency at Southbank Centre where the idea formed. I took it to Kate McGrath of Fuel and  Gill Lloyd of Artsadmin. All of them gave encouragement and support.

IMG_1607Next I approached radio artists Francesca Panetta and Lucy Greenwell. “Why not give the women the microphones” said Francesca.  From that moment Deliverance became radio –  the most intimate media of all and a new work evolved  –  radio art.   I wept in the studio. I’ve never done that before. it isn’t in the recording.   Francesca and I want to tour Deliverance as radio art in theatre.   You can hear it.

Deliverance will be broadcaston Saturday night at 10pm on BBC Radio 3.




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