Zone 9 Bloggers

The stance of the recently erected statue of Bob marley in Addis could be his cry  for the  Ethiopians who have died around the world. Murdered  in South Africa. Drowned in the Mediterranean sea. Ethiopians and Eritreans were shot and beheaded in Libya by Islamic State for Iraq and Levant – ISIL.

BobLibyans or Islam are misrepresented by the murderers: South Africa is  misrepresented by those who stoned Ethiopians to death. Drowned refugees are not representative of the people of the country they left behind where the majority live, but these fatal events are evidence of tectonic shifts in those nations.

If we, and anyone who finds injustice towards their people abroad  reacted by equally  campaigning for  human rights at home our world could be a better place all round. I am a writer and I  support the zone nine bloggers.   They are Ethiopians exercising freedom of speech for which they have been imprisoned for over a year.   The same is happening here in England where the definition of terrorism is stretched to implausible lengths.   Freedom of speech  defines  democracy and youth.   Look at their pictures. They are the young hungry and questioning minds that define new generations.





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