Desert Island Discs.

desert island discsWhat a month.    I can’t reply to all the messages of gratitude I’ve received after my appearance on Desert Island Discs.   But know this;  I have read every single word of every single message and I’m filled with gratitude too. If you haven’t heard my Desert Island Discs  please  click on the picture on the left and it’ll take you to the broadcast.


The poetry  project which I mention in Desert Island Discs through the music of Gorecki  is called  Salander.   It is a created gallery of poems  by young people in care.  And you can see and read about it by clicking on the photograph to the right.  This shows how poems can perform without the presence of the author or the stage.

For those of you who want  to hear a revelation and know other parts of my  story a short broadcast  interview with legendary Guy Raz in Washington DC  will  reveal  more.   Click the picture on the left. Iit’ll take you there. Then click on the play button that reads  Listen to the story.  If you want even more then click on the video in the same link to hear my talk in the first ever Tedx event at The Houses of Parliament. Happy listening and thanks.

Many people have asked me about the pianist Nils Frahm because I included his track   “Says”. Well here it is. If you want to know about my journey it is all here in 8.18 minutes including the applause.

10 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs.

  1. Hey Lemn, loved your was inspirational.I love Scotland too! If you haven’t ever seen them live Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham are amazing, just like your good self:-)

  2. I woke everyone else up in the house that Sunday morning when I inadvertently started listening to Desert Island discs! It was the most powerful, heartbreaking, uplifting, moving story I have heard in a very long time. I work through music with vulnerable children in Moldova, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan as well as here in Salisbury. You are truly an inspiration and I hope I shall find a way to share your experience with the children. Please let me know if you would ever consider joining us in our project work. Are you speaking in Zappie’s cafe in Oxford this Wednesday at 6.30pm? Janex

  3. Hi Lemn
    It moved me immensely hearing your
    Story on DID your so refreshingly real.
    I too was put into Care in 1969
    When I was 15 .
    You are Very inspiring and I wish you
    Love and peace Carol

  4. I listened to your DID after hearing you speak at the ADHD conference in Liverpool. It was the most wonderful, emotional and heartwarming 45 minutes I have spent in a long time. The poetry by torchlight made me gasp. I went into work and told everybody about you – you now have many more fans 🙂 You have restored my faith in the ability of the human spirit to experience suffering and still walk lightly on this earth with grace and a big smile, looking for the beauty x

  5. I just loved how you spoke about your creativity on Desert Island Discs. So inspiring. I have sent the link to my lovely 21 year old son who is training to be a teacher. I want him to be inspired…he has never known the abandonments that you spoke off, and it is well known that crises can unleash creativity, but I want him to see the power of exploring his own and what a powerful tool it can be to work not just on the surface with numbers and letters as an educator, but as an inspiror- soul deep.

  6. I am blown away by you, I can’t even put it into words…why have I only just discovered you! I …just wow! I wish I could say more but words are not enough and I can’t find them, I needed Lemn Sissay when I was growing up!

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