All the music from Desert Island Discs.

Here are all eight songs  featured on my Desert Island Discs.

1. Taitu  by  Yegna ft Aster Aweke

2. Says by Nils Frahm

3. Amazing Grace by The Scottish Dragoon Guards

4.  Symphony No 3  (2nd Movement) of Sorrowful Songs by Gorecki

5. Cold  by Annie Lennox

6.  Bridge Over Troubled Water  by Aretha Franklyn

7.  Nothing Compares To You by Prince featuring Rosie Gaines.

8. Better Not Look Down by BB King

3 thoughts on “All the music from Desert Island Discs.

  1. Hello Lemn
    Tanks for letting me know about the Desert Island discs … Having heard your selection I have purchased the Gorecki symphony No 3 …

    thank you for introducing it to me!

    Keep up the inspirational good work..

    Best wishes


  2. Dear Lemn,

    I very much enjoyed hearing about you and your life on Desert Island discs. I’ve since read some of your poetry, and found ‘Invisble tears’ very poignant.

    I think your poetry could help a friend of mine who was adopted and seems always to have a perpetual desire to get to know his birth mother (who is refusing to acknowledge him). Which of your poems or books covers the topics of discovering your mother most closely? Have you written a poem that explores the idea that you resembled your biological father when you first met your mother?

    Any advice appreciated

    Shivanii x

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