At long last.  Some good news from America! Something worth sharing:   WE ARE NATIVE WOMEN is An exhibition celebrating Native American women on the 400th anniversary of the death of Pocahontas. 

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RAINMAKER GALLERY, 123 Coldharbour Road, Bristol, BS6 7SN

We Are Native Women honours  the strength and diversity of Native American women  through the recent work of twelve  contemporary Indigenous North American artists from the USA and Canada. The exhibition includes a range of media, from painting, printmaking and photography to basket weaving.The exhibition is from 23rd March – 31st May 2017, Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 6pm (Saturday 10am – 5pm) at Rainmaker. 

2017 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Pocahontas in Gravesend, Kent.  She is probably the only Native American woman who most British people could name. The popular treatment of Pocahontas,  most notoriously in the Disney films,  has distorted the picture of her.

The myth of Pocahontas dominates  our understanding and has eclipsed the numerous Native American women  whose real lives are as worthy of our attention. This is the motivation for WE ARE NATIVE WOMEN , to release Pocahontas  from the symbolic duty of standing for all Native American women.  The exhibition challenges the cult of celebrity associated with   figures like Pocahontas and asks  why we insist on warping our understanding by viewing complex issues through a distorting prism.

“Dooming a person’s existence to that of a stereotype is worse than never having lived at all.” Shan Goshorn

The artworks in this exhibition depict women of all ages, strong, powerful, nurturing, caring, desirable, provocative, dangerous, real and  supernatural. It highlights individual and communal struggles, concerns and life choices of women from several Native cultures across the  continent.

“From a very young age, Chemehuevi women are taught that their innate strength as a woman and life giver is all-powerful, maybe sometimes even  supernatural, and we are respected as equals in Chemehuevi society. We hold power in government and historically in battle. This unique perspectiveshows up throughout my art. It is always my intention to visualize this inherent Chemehuevi belief in the all-powerful, supernatural strength of women.” –  Cara Romero

Featured artists include Cara Romero (Chemehuevi), Shan Goshorn (Cherokee), Marla Allison (Laguna Pueblo), Shelley Niro (Mohawk), Kali Spitzer (Kaska Dena & Jewish) and Zoe Urness (Tlingit & Cherokee), Alison Bremner (Tlingit), Sierra Edd   (Navajo/Diné) and Debra Yepa-Pappan (Jemez Pueblo & Korean).

We Are Native Women is curated by Dr Stephanie Pratt, Cultural Ambassador for the Crow Creek Dakota Tribal Council and Joanne  Prince, Director of Rainmaker Gallery.
Situated on the border of Redland and Westbury Park in North Bristol, Rainmaker Gallery is the UK showcase for the very best in contemporary Native North American Indian art. Founded in 1991 by Joanne Prince, to provide an authentic Native American voice in the
UK, Rainmaker Gallery promotes awareness, education and cultural exchange through artist talks, events, exhibitions and collaborations   with Museums and academia.


  1. I’m sad because it seems no one from the Virginia Native American Communities are involved, Historical Powhatan Tribes that have survived. Seems like just more stereotypical types that don’t have any relations to Virginia Powhatan Natives.

    • Kim thanks for your message

      I don’t think Jo at Rainmaker art is pretending to cover all the communities. However may I suggest you contact Jo@rainmakerart.co.uk with your query. You’ll received a more informed answer than mine. Thanks. Lemn

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