The Report. Sold Out. Few hidden tickets left.

The report  will be at The Royal Court on April 30th.  It came about because of my blog   on March 20th. In 18 days a team came together:  a director, a producer, an actor and a theatre. Tickets for The report were  announced here   on April 8th.

The Report at The Royal Court sold out within twenty four hours. But some tickets have been held back. If you want to come on 30th April  please write Sarah Sansom at . Include your name, email and number of tickets. Your name will be added to a waiting list. We will announce releases on Friday 28th April. Thanks.

Please note.   All tickets have now gone. 14th. There are no tickets.

On Friday 14th I fly to Ethiopia. I have been invited by the British Ambassador to be  guest of honour for The Queens Birthday celebrations at The British Embassy in Addis. When I return to England on 21st April my adaptation of Benjamin Zephaniah’s Refugee Boy will be at Chickenshed Theatre in London. Refugee Boy runs from 19th April to 13th May.

Pic Top Julie Hesmondhalgh in The Report. Pic Bottom Lemn Sissay at The Organisation of African Unity Addis Ababa.

8 thoughts on “The Report. Sold Out. Few hidden tickets left.

  1. Wow! You at Her Maj’s birthday bash in Addis! Rubbing shoulders with the British Ambassador and all the toffs! Good for you, Lemn! Good for you! It’s your rightful place. Hard earned, not given on a plate. So proud for you I could cry. xx

  2. I swear I feel like jumping on a plane just to be with you on the 30th. I am happy your VIP lunch at the Embassy will be ‘matched’ by a heartwarming and spicy Ethiopian lunch with some 30 wonderful people, right here in Addis. Thank you for giving me the honor

    • Oh Aster I am REALLY looking forward to breaking bread with you and all. I will be good on 30th. I am sure. I will call you the moment I land.

  3. Who would be a better person to be guest of honour than you. They must have a good taste. Don’t eat too much Doro Wot, Kitfo etc.. you know it is addictive.
    Bon voyage! Stay safe!


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