9 thoughts on “BBC Radio 4. “LEMN SISSAY’S HOMECOMING”. Episode 1 in Addis and episode 2 in London

  1. I LOVED listening to both these broadcasts. Have really made me think about what home means. I’ve always seen Manchester as home ( though I was born in Scotland and now live in Oxford). After a horrendous relationship breakdown last year I took the train ‘home’ to Manchester to be with friends. As the train pulled in though, instead of feeling safe and ok I started to feel panic. I felt cut adrift and as if I was watching it all from a distance. Instead of heading to friends I wandered ( in the rain of course!) through Manchester. Crying, feeling lost and really alone. Where was home? Eventually my friend came to get me as I was walking along Deansgate and she took me to her home. Over the next few days it became easier to be there but my whole sense of home had been rocked. I came to see that home had been that relationship – just for a while. And that it’s not just to do with a place. It’s people. Listening to you today talk about your journey and especially about Manchester felt a little like coming home. I sat in my kitchen laughing out loud at your memories and loving the sound of someone who speaks with an accent like mine being right there in the room. Thanks Lemn. Hope it was ok to share all of this.

  2. Now you’ve gone and made me think. Most of my life I have lived inside a circle no bigger than twenty miles across. I have always been home. Except for travel, but then I came home. How do I define home? I’m thinking.

  3. Just listened to both programmes and have laughed aand cried .They say Home is where the heart is..yours must be in your words. By marrying an Italian my Home is in Italy ,yet when itis time for me to back to Stockport I always say I am going home.Thankyou so much for enriching my life .x

  4. I really enjoyed and feel enriched by listening to your Homecoming episodes 1 & 2. I laughed and felt so deeply touched by your honesty and courage. It makes me think about what does home mean. So thoughtful and profound. Also eye opening and painful how you felt so isolated and made to feel other growing up. Thank you for this gift you have shared with us.

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