Who is your Woman of the Year?

Nicky Wake  is  Managing Director of Don’t Panic  – an events management and awards company based in the North West of England.  She is focussed, warm and kind-hearted. Earlier this year her husband Andy Wake suffered a catastrophic stroke.  Nicky looks after her son, runs an international business (and workforce) and attends her husbands bedside. Courageous and selfless, candid and kind are just a few of the words which describe her.  Nicky Wake you are my woman of the year. 

6 thoughts on “Who is your Woman of the Year?

  1. Hi Lemn as you know I work as a psychologist in stroke rehab and run a unique psychology support service for kids who have a parent with a stroke ( one off – not happening elsewhere in the uk) I’d be more than happy to help Nicky and her family in any way I can if you think that they might value this. Happy for you to connect us. I know how strong families have to be at this time. Kids are so resilient at these times but some outside support can be helpful. Wishing them all well. X

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