These are our children

Throughout 2018 I have been working with young people in care in Coventry. Its been a highly secretive project until now.

The culmination, the high point, is a live performance, by the young people and myself, directed by John McGrath. It will be filmed, like much of the process, for broadcast on national television later this year.

The performance takes place on 21st July at 8pm at Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.

This will be an extraordinary unique night. There are limited seats. The only way to acquire tickets is by emailing

Special priority to anyone who was in care or who has worked with (or lived with) young people in care. This all means the world to me. Please come.

16 thoughts on “These are our children

  1. It takes at least a village and the good people in it to rear a child. We know this
    You are an inspiration and a brother to me Lemn.
    The power of good people doing good and sharing the love together for the many is the most powerful force we can possess .
    Keep shining Mr Sissay . You are a beacon of the miracle happening to us all.

  2. We must always remember and never forget it is not possible to care too much for all of our children from whomever or wherever they come to us.
    I wear the Caring Too Much badge with pride , privilege and pleasure.
    It is an honour to serve yesterday , today tomorrow and forever and for always

  3. If I were not going away I would be applying for tickets now! However, I leave for Alaska on Friday. I know the event will be fantastic, I wish everyone involved a memorable, enjoyable and beneficial evening. I look forward to seeing the series ( or programme) later in the year. Xxx

  4. Sure that it will be a wonderful, memorable evening, sending very best wishes to you and everyone involved. We need more people with your passion and kindness. Thank you for all that you do for those who feel they have no voice. x

  5. ‘Bumped’ into you in Coventry when you were filming this project Lemn. Wishing you every success. I haven’t applied for tickets as i don’t work directly with children in care.

    O am sure the evening will be wonderfully fulfilling.

    Best regards
    Viv x

  6. I’m not any where close to observe the many ways you’re impacting the lives of children in England. I do, however, wish you the best of luck as you tirelessly continue to provide your selfless talent and heart to the futures of our world.

    • Isaac I very much appreciate your kind message. I receive much more than I give not least the sense of purpose and the means to do something about it. Thankyou.

  7. Lemn

    Watched your programme last night. I thought the super kids were brilliant and brave and immense. A superb piece on your part. Amazing

    Take care comrade. Dave Puller.

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