Rafiki film director comes to London.

RAFIKI, is a love story directed by Wanuri Kahiu.  Rafiki was banned in Kenya but after going to court, the ban was lifted for one week in order to be eligible for the Oscars and banned again after the 7 days.

Wanuri Kahiu has  “gone back to constitutional court to file for “Freedom of Expression” as defined in the National Kenyan constitution in 2010. However, the laws that continue to ban films do not reflect the current constitution as they are colonial laws that were enforced in 1962.”     Amongst many other awards throughout the world Rafiki is the 2019 Dublin International film festival winner.

Today Wanuri   is back in court again. We need to support our fellow artists. We need to support those fighting for freedom of speech because it could be you next.  It’s a brilliant film.   Rafiki will be shown on 11th April at  BFI on Southbank. Wanuri will be there for a Q & A. I’ll be there too.  If you miss it you can see Rafiki at  Bernie Grant Arts Centre on 18th & 26th April,  3rd & 11th May.  @rafikimovie

News  breaking in the past few days:  Oscar winner Viola Davis is developing a series based on Octavia Butler’s ‘Wild Seed’ with Wanuri Kahiu and Nnedi Okorafor. 

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