Something Dark for Ireland (One Man One Script One Stage.)

I have been working in the North and Republic of Ireland for over twenty years and I love the place. This last month I’ve read on stages  in Listowell, Dublin and Borris. At the relatively new  Borris House  Festival of Writing and ideas I gave a dramatic reading of my own man show ‘Something Dark’ and a  light sparked in me so I sent out a message.

Tom Morris director of War Horse responded.

Orla Guerin kindly responded. .

Ennis Festival and Listowell responded.   I’ve performed Something Dark all over the world  yet only twice in Ireland where it resonates stronger than anywhere. Something dark is one man, one script and one Stage. Simple.

Something Dark: A standing ovation at Orange Tree Theatre

To prove  how the dramatic reading is received a few  nights ago I read Something Dark at The Metronome in Nottingham  and here are a small selection of unsolicited comments.

So I want to tour Something Dark in  Ireland. Although it is a story about me it  relates  to what is happening in ireland.  Take a look at the story of Majella Moynihan. It relates to her story and the story of the care system. It’s funny too.

It’s not usual to send out a request such as this but I am doing it anyway:  If anyone in Ireland is interested in booking Something Dark then please write Sarah Power.

This dramatic reading of Something Dark  is followed by a Q and A.  Running time 90 minutes.   Come on Ireland.

8 thoughts on “Something Dark for Ireland (One Man One Script One Stage.)

  1. Lemn, I have read Something Dark several times and it’s never not deeply moving. I would love to see you perform it. Please let me know if you book any dates in Australia later this year.

  2. Hi Lemn, I was in touch with my arty cousins and you were left some contact details on facebook. Did you follow them up at all? I cannot find them right now but it will be on your feed. I really hope this hapoens for you. Kathy x

  3. Skibbereen Arts Festival contacted and communication in progress!! So want to get your play to west Cork.

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